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Spring 2016 Newsletter

Dear Fellow Homeowners:

A small group of Comite Hills homeowners continue to work in the background to provide varied services to all whom live in Comite Hills. This is done with only a fraction of all homeowners paying the non-mandatory membership dues. There are 256 homes in subdivision, yet only 112 paid the $50.00 annual dues last year. In newer subdivisions, membership is mandatory/legally required, and the dues begin at $125.00 and go upwards. The purpose of the homeowners organization is to provide information and address our common needs in these ways... - we provide information to the homeowners and residents via mailed newsletters, postings on our website(Comitehills.com), emails sent, face book, etc. - we take care of the many common medians/circles throughout the subdivision. - we communicate with City of Central, Central Police, EBRP Sheriff's Department, as needed on behalf of the residents regarding multiple safety issues. -we are in contact with other nearby Homeowner Associations to keep aware of any unusual activities that should be reported to our residents. - we participate in the Central Community Alliance so as to be aware at all times of what is going on within our city and surrounding area. - CHHO has in the past few years been successful in maintaining the integrity of our subdivision by: preventing the connection of Magnolia Square onto our streets, and, the development of a multiple Townhome community on Triple B Road on three occasions. -annual Santa Claus drive in December with children's names called out and candy thrown to them. There is more to be done however, particularly in this day and age. Crime is increasing and will unfortunately get worse in all likelihood. We want to renew the effort to add security cameras in Comite Hills, along with other items to be considered. These include looking into additional street lights, initiation of a strong Neighborhood Watch Program, and reminders regarding the traffic laws/signs within our streets. We are experiencing more families moving into Comite Hills with young children so as we drive, we need to take more care We feel that the installation of additional cameras, will act as a deterrent and will capture images of vehicles and individuals on our streets that can be used by law enforcement personnel to solve crimes. The cameras currently currently installed have been instrumental in doing this in multiple circumstances!! However, such cameras involve a financial investment, and when shared by all homeowners can cost as little as $26.00 per year or $0.07 per day. This is a very reasonable amount for your safety/security. Sometimes other measures such as paying for additional police patrols throughout the subdivision will be necessary, as well as maintenance for the camera system. In order to handle these costs, we are setting our annual membership dues at $100.00 per household. Along with the increased security measures, we will continue to provide beautification, Santa Claus, directories for each home, postage for mailings, etc. A demonstration meeting for the camera system is going to be held on Monday April 18, 2016. Please contact CHHO for the time and location of this meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to show you the features of the system and how it will enhance safety within Comite Hills subdivision.
Please make your check out to Comite Hills Homeowners Organization. You can mail to: CHHO: 6930 Bryce Canyon Dr. or give to your street representative. Thank you for your participation in our organization!! Your Filing Captains and/or Officers will be going door to door over the next several weeks, they want to hear from you regarding your concerns and desires for happy, healthy, and safe living within Comite Hills. Let's all be good neighbors and work together for the best!

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