Restrictions For Comite Hills Subdivision

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The information displayed on these web pages is not legal advice. The purpose of presenting this information is to increase interest and awareness of protective covenants that exist on lots in the Comite Hills Subdivision.

While due care was employed in compiling and presenting this information, it remains an all-volunteer effort of homeowners and not legal professionals. Therefore no legal significance or guarantee of accuracy is expressed or implied. All information presented here was gathered from public and/or publicly-accessible records. By reading and using the information on this page and other “Filing Covenants“ pages you agree not to hold the Comite Hills Civic Association, its board members, representatives or volunteers responsible for any use or misuse of this information.

Official documents regarding Comite Hills Subdivision covenants can be obtained at the East Baton Rouge Parish Clerk of Courts Office.


    My neighbor wants to build a fence that violates the covenant in my filing. He claims its OK to do this since others in the subdivision also have similar fences.

    Courts have ruled in the past that precedence doesn't necessarily negate legal covenants. Your neighbor should check first with the Comite Hills Civic Association if there is a question of breaching the covenant.

    I built a barn in the backyard and now my neighbors are upset. They claim the barn does not fit within the covenant guidelines. I did not know that such covenants existed for the subdivision, therefore, I should not be bound by said covenants.

    Courts have ruled that it is the owners responsibility to ensure covenants do indeed exist before embarking on such construction.

    My neighbor built a structure that violates the covenant in my filing and obtained the necessary permits from the P&Z commission. He claims therefore, that if it would not have been legal, the P&Z commission would not have issued the permits.

    Government agencies, including the P&Z commission are not responsible for enforcing subdivision covenants. This is the responsibility of the Comite Hills Architectural Committee or the Comite Hills Civic Association.

    The workshop I just built was very expensive and even though it may violate my filings covenants, I will not tear it down.

    Courts acknowledge the legality of subdivision covenants and do rule to force residents to remove construction that violates covenants at the owner's expense. Needless to say, this is an expensive error and is all the more important that the homeowner fulfills all necessary legal obligations before beginning any construction projects.

    It is my property and I can build what I choose.

    Covenants are formed to provide a consistent and pleasant experience for the new homeowner. Purchasing homes in a subdivision offers homeowners the peace of mind that their property value will not be devalued by actions from neighbors which would disrupt the character of the subdivision.

    It is important to read and understand the covenants before purchasing a home in a subdivision. If a covenant does not fit your plan, then please don't violate the covenant at your neighbor's expense.

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