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Dec 30, 2018. Report of neighbors having someone ring their doorbell or knocking on their door. When door was opened, no one was there. This happened on Frontier Drive tonight around 6PM and EBRSO was contacted. Size of bare footprints suggested it may be teenager(s).
This is a tactic some use to check if anyone is home, before deciding to break in. Other times it may be kids pulling a prank for entertainment. Please report any unusual activity to EBRSO.
Also, it may be wise to speak with your children about the extreme danger of going on neighbor's properties and doing what may seem harmless pranks to them.

Pecos Bridge
Update: Oct 10, 2018
This Friday (10/12/18) at 12:30am, the Pecos Bridge contractor will begin the bridge deck pour. The bridge deck pour must be an uninterrupted/continuous pour and night is being utilized due to less road traffic for concrete trucks and lower ambient air temperatures for greater workability of concrete. Actual concrete pour and finishing is expected to be complete by sunrise.

Pecos Bridge Replacement project was awarded to Brown Industrial Construction, LLC. The bid amount was $1,823.895.70. Completion scheduled for late April 2018
The scope of the project includes bridge removal and replacement along with a temporary on-site detour road. link
Update April 23, 2018 Completion has been delayed until 4th qtr. 2018.

Pecos Bridge currently has a bypass. Please exercise caution.

Watch Out For Deer
Oct 1, 2018. Seasonal reminder that deer have been spotted foraging in neighbors' yards. They present a potentially hazardous situation when they dart unsuspectingly across the streets of Comite Hills, especially at night.

Board of Adjustment
Sep 27, 2018. BOA-8-18 This property is located on the east side of Prairie Drive on Lot 137 of the Comite Hills Subdivision. The applicant requests the Board of Adjustment to grant a variance of Section 3.3(B) 3 Bulk Regulations of the Comprehensive Zoning Code to reduce the minimum side yard setback in the (R-1) Single-Family Residential One Zoning District. (Applicant: James Forrest Schopp) link (pdf)

Road repair
April 24, 2018. Lariat street/roundabout approved for overlay by Central City council. link

Pet Owners
Aug. 23, 2017 A reminder that Central City has a leash law regarding dogs and cats. It has been brought to the attention of CHHO that there have been incidents of dogs attacking other pets and frightening neighbors who choose to walk in our neighborhood.
Animal Control has the authority to "impound all dogs or cats which are found running at large in the streets or roads or public or private property in the city" per Central City Municipal Code Sec. 3:24. Check this link for more info.

Pet owners should also respect their neighbors by utilizing "dog waste bags" when walking their pets.

Jun. 13, 2017. City of Central Office has been contacted regarding the two blighted lots on Triple B behind Chase bank.

Jun. 8, 2017. A man approached neighbors at 5:30am and asked to hide in their house. Homeowner quickly called 911. Sheriff's officers responded immediately and arrested the individual who had apparently kicked in the front door of another neighbor on Bryce Canyon. Also reported that there is an individual going door to door selling chicken and steaks.

Mar. 17, 2017. A young man had a flat tire after he attempted to rob a neighbor's vehicle last night on Triple B!
He went into the unlocked car but apparently didnt find anything of interest.
EBR Sheriff was notified approx. 7AM. They came and arrested him after reviewing video surveillance footage. Found a purse in back of vehicle which had been reported stolen. Homeowner believes that the individual may have entered the subdivision from Sullivan Rd.
Those with cameras may want to check their footage.

July 25, 2017 Meeting at Central Library with Valerie Hodges and others to discuss current flood recovery issues including the Comite Diversion Canal progression. This is a Facebook Link that has videos of the meeting.

Flood Map link

Dear Neighbors,

It has been brought to my attention by Councilman Messina that EBR public works has reached out to David Ratcliff about turning Sullivan Rd into a one way. Mr. Messina has explained the reason is the amount of wrecks occurring at the intersection of "old" Sullivan and the Central Thruway.

I can describe the one way like this: If approaching Sullivan on Greenwell Springs Rd and you are trying to turn left between the Walgreens and Seafood express that turn lane will no longer exist. To enter into Comite Hills you will have to travel to the Thruway turn left onto the thruway then turn left again onto old Sullivan and then right onto Triple B.

Mr. Messina is asking anyone who wants to voice their option against or for this to please call him at 225-505-7137. Central's elected officials


**** Spring 2016 ****

Dear Fellow Homeowners:

A small group of Comite Hills homeowners continue to work in the background to provide varied services to all whom live in Comite Hills.

This is done with only a fraction of all homeowners paying the non-mandatory membership dues. There are 256 homes in subdivision, yet only 112 paid the $50.00 annual dues last year. In newer subdivisions, membership is mandatory/legally required, and the dues begin at $125.00 and go upwards.

The purpose of the homeowners organization is to provide information and address our common needs in these ways...

- we provide information to the homeowners and residents via mailed newsletters, postings on our website(, emails sent, face book, etc.

- we take care of the many common medians/circles throughout the subdivision.

- we communicate with City of Central, Central Police, EBRP Sheriff's Department, as needed on behalf of the residents regarding multiple safety issues.

-we are in contact with other nearby Homeowner Associations to keep aware of any unusual activities that should be reported to our residents.

- we participate in the Central Community Alliance so as to be aware at all times of what is going on within our city and surrounding area.

- CHHO has in the past few years been successful in maintaining the integrity of our subdivision by: preventing the connection of Magnolia Square onto our streets, and, the development of a multiple Townhome community on Triple B Road on three occasions.

-annual Santa Claus drive in December with children's names called out and candy thrown to them.

There is more to be done however, particularly in this day and age. Crime is increasing and will unfortunately get worse in all likelihood. We want to renew the effort to add security cameras in Comite Hills, along with other items to be considered. These include looking into additional street lights, initiation of a strong Neighborhood Watch Program, and reminders regarding the traffic laws/signs within our streets. We are experiencing more families moving into Comite Hills with young children so as we drive, we need to take more care

We feel that the installation of additional cameras, will act as a deterrent and will capture images of vehicles and individuals on our streets that can be used by law enforcement personnel to solve crimes. The cameras currently currently installed have been instrumental in doing this in multiple circumstances!! However, such cameras involve a financial investment, and when shared by all homeowners can cost as little as $26.00 per year or $0.07 per day. This is a very reasonable amount for your safety/security.

Sometimes other measures such as paying for additional police patrols throughout the subdivision will be necessary, as well as maintenance for the camera system. In order to handle these costs, we are setting our annual membership dues at $100.00 per household. Along with the increased security measures, we will continue to provide beautification, Santa Claus, directories for each home, postage for mailings, etc.

A demonstration meeting for the camera system is going to be held on Monday April 18, 2016. Please contact CHHO for the time and location of this meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to show you the features of the system and how it will enhance safety within Comite Hills subdivision.

Please make your check out to Comite Hills Homeowners Organization. You can mail to: CHHO: 6930 Bryce Canyon Dr. or give to your street representative. Thank you for your participation in our organization!! Your Filing Captains and/or Officers will be going door to door over the next several weeks, they want to hear from you regarding your concerns and desires for happy, healthy, and safe living within Comite Hills. Let's all be good neighbors and work together for the best!

CHHO 2016-2017 Membership Drive

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Safety -
On June 8th, 2016, Wednesday morning, a resident on Triple B reported that a person was caught on security camera at 3:44am apparently passing thru neighborhood and checking for unlocked vehicles.

On May 8th, 2016,Saturday Night, a neighbor on Bryce Canyon reported their vehicle had the rear glass broken out. Though nothing was stolen, and doors were locked, vandalism is suspected.

On Dec. 9th or Morning of Dec. 10, a pressure washer and compressor were stolen from a home in the Frontier Dr./Lariat area. If anyone noticed any suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood during that time and have a good description of it, please contact the Sheriff's Office. Please report any unusual activities in the neighborhood to the Sheriff's Office and CHHO so other's can be alerted.

(From Facebook - Central Rants and Raves) "Two attempted house burglaries in Morgan Place West this morning (12/8/15). A homeowner came home and interrupted the suspect under his carport. The suspect was driving a black older model 4 door BMW (license plate had been removed) and is described as a short, skinny, white male, probably 30ish with short hair, tan sweatshirt and jeans. The suspect had gained access to the next door neighbor's house through a rear window, and had started to break a rear window of the homeowner's house before being interrupted. The suspect ran and jumped in his car and sped off out of the neighborhood. The homeowner flagged down a nearby deputy at Hooper & Joor who put out an alert on the vehicle. Be on the lookout for this vehicle."

About 3PM November 30th, a neighbor on Triple B pulled into her house to find a black suv parked in her carport. The man tried to come to talk to her but she backed out. On the phone with EBRSO, she followed him a safe distant until the unit was able to take over. I am being ask to send out an email because the EBRSO recovered numerous amounts of batteries. Lawn mowers, golf carts, boats, etc. If you or someone you know had a battery show up missing please contact the central substation.

Pecos Rd Bridge Update 6/9/16
Bridge is being designed and construction funded by the parish. Plans have been completed. R/W maps have been completed and appraisals for R/W acquisitions are starting. Est ~4 months away from bid advertisement. Project will include installation of a temp access road next to bridge to provide access to residents. Construction could start in Jan/Feb 2017.

FGBRCA Meeting (April 2015)
April Meeting of Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations featured a study performed by Lake Sherwood Acres subdivision on forming a gated community.
Key points were:
*** Cost to maintain streets, drainage, and sewer were prohibitive.
*** Cost to maintain gates for emergency access, deliveries, utility access were high.
*** Would need approval by metro council and DPW. Doubtful that it would be approved.
*** Always open to legal contests.
*** Required high approval by residents.
*** Streets would be owned by individual residents and would require maintenance.
*** A partial gate solution has been undertaken by a subdivision in Ascension parish but many of the same burdens as full gate are there.

Another segment covered current legislature in session. Residents would do well by frequently visiting the state legislature site and search proposed bills with certain keywords e.g. crime, subdivision, traffic, etc

FGBRCA Meeting (Sept. 2014)
September Meeting of Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Associations featured guest speaker Atty. Wade Baumgartner. Mr. Baumgartner spoke about CA restrictions and enforcement thereof.
Key points were:
*** Act of Restrictions have the highest precedence of authority, including the La. Homeowners Act.
*** A neighbor who has violated a restriction (e.g. erected a building which violates restrictions), does not set a precedence, meaning a neighbor next door can be held responsible for violating the same restriction, including responsibility for lawyer fees, and court costs.
*** Restrictions are easily enforceable in court of law.
*** Obtaining approval from city P&Z does not cover CA restrictions. They are separate & CA restrictions can have precedence. *** To avoid costly errors please check CHHO restrictions.

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Security Update June 9 2016

Pecos Bridge Update June 9 2016

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