Why Should I become a CHHO Member?

Current Membership

  • For only $100/yr, CHHO is working on raising money to support additional security cameras in the subdivision.

  • Our cul-de-sac’s are beautifully landscaped and well maintained throughout the year.

  • Increased communication among outside sources. For example, thanks to CHHO, we were able to prevent a connecting street from being built to an adjacent subdivision, thereby decreasing traffic flow.

  • CHHO had stop signs installed to slow down thru traffic for the safety of all.

  • CHHO members are able to speak as a united voice to monitor changes that may affect us.

  • CHHO established a neighborhood watch program to improve security.

  • CHHO members enjoy enhanced communications via email, Facebook, and this website for security alerts or community activities that need immediate attention.

To join, Remit $100 dues by mail to:

6930 Bryce Canyon
Greenwell Springs, LA 70739

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