Security Alert!!!(7/8/16) -

Comite Hills residents should be aware of any unusual activity in the neighorhood, especially in light of recent high profile events in our parish and other areas of the country. Please report any unusual activity to the police immediately.
Due to the sensitive nature of some of the issues, if you have any questions please contact your CHHO president or filing captain.
Rumors that are floating around social media are being followed up on by the State Police, and we should be cautious of overreacting to unsubtantiated rumors. Sheriff Sid Gautreaux and Mike Edmonson have addressed this on the following WAFB link.

Vehicle break-ins in Comite Hills on 6/8/16

Last night (6/8/16) @ 3:44am a person passed by a vehicle parked at a residence on Triple B rd. Person probably checked the vehicle to see if it was locked (which it was), and continued on.
Person was wearing hoody and gloves, apparently to avoid easy identification. Sheriff's office was notified when homeowner checked camera @ 4:45am and saw images. Deputy then patrolled neighborhood at that time. Please report any unusual activities to Sheriff's Office.

*Update 1: There may have been at least 10 homes that were hit. Apparently there were at least three individuals involved plus a driver. So far it appears that only unlocked vehicles were rummaged through with some items stolen. The time frame was approx. 2:00AM - 3:45AM.

Intruder captured by neighbor's video camera on June 6, 2016 @ 03:44AM (1st three pics). The two color pics were captured (along with video) at another home with nice security cameras @ 03:03AM


*Update 2: Comite Hills West was also hit on 6/8/16, while another group was caught 6/9/16 in Monticello with guns. A Comite Hills resident was able to capture a frame of a white car at the approx. time of the event. A white car was also implicated at other sites.

Vehicle break-ins in Comite Hills on 11/18/13

Last night (11/18-19/13) between the hours of 11:00pm and 6:00am three cars(so far) and one outdoor kitchen were broken into... On both sides of Bryce Canyon. One of the homes, two cars were broken into. Nothing looks to be taken. They also tried to take their tv off their fireplace outside. The other side of Bryce Canyon a car was broken into and nothing looks to be taken. If you have a camera system and live around this area please email me back. Also, please let anyone around you know what went on. We have alot of residents not on our email list.

Update I am awaiting the EBRSO to get back with me on how many vehicles were targeted last night. A truck was stolen off of Prairie. From the reports of emails this morning, it looks like they came down Frontier and went out Triple B. Two cars were broken into on Frontier by the circle. On Bryce Canyon four vechicles so far. A neighbor has footage of a man and has turned it to EBRSO. We are in need of camera footage from Triple B and Frontier area. If you or your neighbors have a camera system please look at last night and let the EBRSO know.

WBRZ story

Intruder captured by neighbor's video camera on November 18, 2013 @ 02:55AM:

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